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Our environment is changing, our personal and working lives are becoming less linear, and 6 Moments That Matter matter more

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Speaking Events


St Paul's Girls' School

PSHE talk on young Financial Life Journeys in the UK and 6 Moments That Matter for securing a life of financial independence.

Department for Education, Gender Network event on financial wellbeing

Talk highlighting Girls' & Women's Financial Life Journeys, and financial wellbeing considerations in 6 Moments That Matter, April 2023.

Nest Gender Network, Closing the Gender Pension Gap to secure the future for all

Talk highlighting Risks in Life contributing to a developing Gender Pension Gap through the life course, and what policymakers, employers, pension providers and people can do to close the gap, April 2023.

Groundbreakers, charity CEO event

Talk on Financial Life Journeys in the UK considering intersectional financial gaps, policy, employer and financial wellbeing solutions, March 2023.

St Swithun's School, International Women's Day event for students and parents

Securing Girls' & Young Women's Financial Futures, International Women's Day talk and panel discussion with Jane Gandee (Headteacher), March 2023.

Judge Business School Executive MBA

An interactive panel discussion session about why education, and in particular postgraduate, is the great leveller, the role of leaders in improving Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and its importance to our society and economy, February 2023.

St Swithun's School, Inset Day staff event

Staff Diversity Equity & Inclusion Inset Day talk on "Fair Financial Futures - Why financial fairness matters & What you can do", February 2023.

WM People Top Employer Awards

Keynote presentation on "Why helping people to think about money and life builds trust & value for everyone", and the role of employers in securing financial livelihoods, February 2023.

Cambridge University Staff Wellbeing Festival

A personal wellbeing and fairness talk and interactive session about financial life in the UK, differences in people’s financial life journeys, how financial gaps arise between men, women, and other groups, and what Covid-19 means for all of our financial futures, July 2022.

FT Live Event, Four things every women needs to know about money

FT Live event with Claer Barrett discussing women's financial lives and the Gender Pension Gap with tips on how to live a secure financial life, March 2022.

International Labour Organisation, Social Finance Special

Podcast on Women's Risks in Life, 6 Moments That Matter and Insuring Women's Futures programme, for International Women's Day, March 2022.

Scottish Widows' Annual Women & Retirement 2021 Report Launch

Talk on "Women's Pension Deficit - The Risks in Life facing Women & Society, Securing a Resilient & Fair Financial Future Tomorrow, Today" highlighting the links between women's and society's economic wellbeing in the future and climate risk and why we need a change in mindset. Broadcast, November 2021

Launch of "A Person-Led Approach for the Financial Services Sector to Support Customer & Employee Survivors of Economic Abuse".

An overview of how economic abuse impacts girls and women in 6 Moments That Matter through the life course and how Financial Services can take a purposeful approach and embed economic abuse business-wide to support customers and employees with insights into the PEOPLE Framework. Virtual event, July 2021

The Pipeline Top Flight Programme, Personal Financial Life

Women's financial wellbeing talk on "6 Moments That Matter - How to Secure Your Financial Future", highlighting the Risks in Life facing women, how these impact in the 6 Moments That Matter and considerations for planning your Financial Life Journey. London, June 2021

Legal & General Retirement Adviser Webinar on Pensions & Divorce in Later Life

Talk on "The Financial Life Journeys of Couples in Later Life & the Impact of Divorce" including insights into gender financial gaps for this generation and considerations for financial advisers. Virtual, April 2021

St James’ Place START Series Fireside Chat on Young Financial Life Journeys

Talk highlighting the Risks in Life facing young people today including intersectional differences in Financial Life Journeys and 6 Moment That Matter considerations for fair financial futures. Virtual, March 2021

Zurich Insurance UK’s Gender Network, International Women’s Day Event

Women's Network talk considering the impact of Covid-19 on women's financial futures and steps women can take in 6 Moments That Matter. Virtual, March 2021

FCA Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Techsprint Bootcamp

Talk on Women's Financial Life Journeys & Impact of Covid-19 and considerations for financial firms, to inspire Techsprint participants. Virtual, March 2021

Commonwealth Women’s Network

Presentation to the Commonwealth Women's Network on Women's Risks in Life and Insuring Women's Futures. Virtual, March 2021

Women in Investment Festival

Presentation on Insuring Women's Futures' Manifesto. London, March 2020

All Party Parliamentary Group for Women & Work - Financial Wellbeing

Presentation on how Risks in Life impact women's financial wellbeing and how employers can support and close the Gender Pension Gap. January 2021

The 6 Moments that Matter in Financial Life Journeys of Black People in the UK During Covid with Jane Portas and Dawid Konotey-Ahulu - Longevity Week

Interview on Risks in Life facing Black people in the UK highlighting ethnicity and gender differences in 6 Moments That Matter. Podcast, November 2020

Confederation of British Industry, Diversity & Inclusion Conference

Commenting on how Covid-19 has impacted women's financial wellbeing and what business and employers can do. Televised, December 2020

Insuring Women’s Futures’ Manifesto Update for Covid-19 "Living a financially resilient life in the UK beyond Covid-19, 6 Moments That Matter to build back fairer financial futures".

Talk hosted by ISC Group covering the report findings supplementing the Insuring Women's Futures' Full Manifesto and how policymakers, employers, financial services firms, financial guidance bodies and the third sector can support building back fairer financial futures in 6 Moments That Matter. Virtual, November 2020

FT Adviser Smarter Business Summit

Talk on "The inclusive Adviser of the Future" considering the implications of changing Financial Life Journeys on client relationships, needs and expectations and what it means in practice. Virtual, July 2020

Insuring Women’s Futures’ Manifesto Launch

Launch presentation on the Women's Risks in Life & Manifesto recommendations through the Financial Life Journeys & 6 Moments That Matter of 8 Female Personas. London IMAX, November 2019

Mothers reduce working hours for childcare reasons, Returning to work

Commenting on the impact of motherhood and childcare on mothers' financial resilience following the launch of Now:Pensions report. BBC News, November 2019

Global Financial Alliance for Women

Presentation on the Risks in Life & 6 Moments That Matter for Women's Financial Life Journeys. Paris, June 2019

Woman of the World Festival

Presentation on Women's Financial Life Journeys to coincide with the publication of the financial wellbeing guide "6 Moments That Matter - How to Secure Your Financial future" followed by a panel discussion. London Southbank Centre, March 2019

Rising Festival

Presentation and discussion on Women's Financial Life Journeys and 6 Moments That Matter for Women. Cambridge, March 2019

Woman of the World Festival

Presentation on Women's Risks in Life and audience panel discussion. London Southbank Centre, March 2018



Towards a fairer financial future for all

Ahead of WMPeople's Top Employer Awards, an article about Insuring Women's Futures and how 6 Moments That Matter helps businesses to support fair financial futures and making navigating money and life simpler for people to secure their financial wellbeing for the life they want to lead, November 2022.

Statement by St James's Place relating to Jane Portas' social purpose work on Risks in Life & 6 Moments That Matter in support of Insuring Women's Futures

Recognising the contribution made by Jane Portas. We would like to take this opportunity to openly recognise the contribution made by Jane Portas to Insuring Women’s Futures and providing firms across the market with invaluable insight into women’s financial lives inspiring a focus on female customers and we would like to thank Jane Portas for the work she continues to do to improve women’s and all people’s financial wellbeing, September 2022.

Five things every woman should know about the gender pension gap

Article on the Gender Pension Gap by Aviva referencing Solving Women's Pension Deficit (6 Moments That Matter) Insuring Women's Futures' Report, March 2022

How women can boost their retirement savings

Article by HSBC on lack of pension savings by working age women and referencing Solving Women's Pension Deficit Report , March 2022.

Social Finance Special

International Labour Organisation podcast feature on Women's Risks in Life and 6 Moments That Matter for International Women's Day, March 2022.

Seven things women need to know about money

Article published in the Financial Times ahead of International Women's Day, and featuring 6 Moments That Matter, March 2022.

You might have experienced financial abuse without even realising. Here's how to spot it

Article in Glamour Magazine on spotting the signs of economic abuse drawing on the preventative guide, Controlling Your Financial Future - 6 Moments That Matter for Girls & Women, February 2022.

The Economic Abuse Threat in the UK - How employers can support their people

Article in the ICAEW newsletter on how employers can inform and empower their employees in 6 Moments That Matter and provide support to survivors of economic abuse, December 2021.

How women can spot the signs of economic abuse

Feature in The Independent on the economic abuse financial wellbeing guide Controlling Your Financial Future - 6 Moments That Matter for Girls & Women, November 2021

Controlling Your Financial Future - new guide helps women to recognise economic abuse

Feature in IFA Magazine on the launch of the financial wellbeing guide "Controlling Your Financial Future - 6 Moments That Matter for Girls & Women", November 2021

The gender pension gap

Podcast for ICAEW, Pensions Awareness Day, September 2021

Six steps for employers to improve pension parity

Article for ICAEW, Pensions Awareness Day, September 2021

Taking Control of Economic Abuse – "6 Moments That Matter" for banks to support people

Article UK Finance on the launch of The Economic Abuse Threat Facing Girls & Women in the UK, July 2021

Why business needs to mind about the gender gap

Article for Confederation of British Industry, March 2021

How employers can ChooseToChallenge age-friendly practices for older working women

Blog for Centre for Ageing Better, March 2021

Supporting customers in their Moments That Matter and why inclusive insurance matters even more post Covid-19

Article for responding to change, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Policy & Public Affairs, April 2021

Underpensioned Report, Divorced Women

Expert view, FairPensionsForAll NOW: Pensions, December 2020

6 Moments that Matter to improve working lives

Article for ICAEW, November 2020

Making up and breaking up: navigating the gender pension gap and the threats posed by COVID-19  

Blog for FairPensionsForAll, NOW:Pensions, August 2020

A lifetime of inequality

Featured in FT Adviser, July 2020

Women’s Wellbeing at Work Toolkit and Annual Report 2020

Referenced in report recommendation on closing the Gender Pension Gap, All Party Parliamentary Group for Women & Work

Talk Money Week 2020 SEA Insights

Featured by Surviving Economic Abuse, November 2020

Seven financial traps we should be warning our daughters about

Investor’s Chronicle, December 2020

Financial impact of Covid-19 on women revealed

Featured in Personal Finance Professional Adviser, December 2020

Fighting the pensions gap

Featured in Money Marketing, December 2019

Mind the gap – why women’s pension pots are worth a fifth of men’s

Featured in Inews, April 2019

Millennial women expected to be worse off than their mothers and grandmothers

Featured by Society of Insurance Broking, January 2018 *

Women face decades-long battle for financial equality

Featured in Financial Times, January 2018

"Jane is excellent at identifying challenging societal issues and providing solutions. Her work on financial inclusion has been groundbreaking."



"Had the privilege to attend arguably one of the best, and truthfully honest and thought provoking discussions with leaders in the field of gender studies on the topic of diversity and inclusion. What was particularly unique is how the conversation didn’t just stop at the workplace, but how it delved in much deeper substrates of the economy, and the role we each play into sizing and reframing the issue."

"I found the lunch and learn very interesting. Lots of statistics to take in – definitely need to have a reread through the slides. It made me max out my pension contributions!"

"A very inspiring webinar today, I’ve just signed up [to Talk 2 10K] and can’t wait to get started!” “I thought it was fabulous. Very well researched and delivered. I’ve been telling female friends and colleagues about the event, and will be looking into the subject further and passing on information."

"Fascinating data and some extremely good pointers on how to look after your finances in a way that needs to be specific to women.” “Eye-opening; extremely important topic; please spread the word about it as much as possible!” “Fantastic and somewhat alarming."

"This event was the most interesting and relevant event I have attended for some years."

"Attending the event was the best thing I have done for myself in 2019. I was shocked at the statistics but enlightened at the same time. Obviously we have a long way to go. The event was professional but sincere. Thank you all those who organised."

"Great stats and very informative, feeling empowered and hopefully will be more aware and savvy to my financial journey plan when I hit one of the ‘Moments that Matter’ or the ‘Perils & Pitfalls'."

"Thank you very much for the invitation to last night’s event. It was such amazing (and terrifying) food for thought. Like so many others there, particularly the lady in the audience at the end who summed up so well, I felt really fired up afterwards to take some responsibility to make a noise about these issues. I’ll be sharing with every woman I meet from now on."

"Great way to make us aware of facts from our daily routine with such a big impact in our lives."

"That presentation should be compulsory!"

"HR ended up with a long string of people visiting them and enquiring about their pensions and more importantly changing their contributions."

"You've opened my eyes, and countless others, to the inequalities women face financially as well as making us all look at our finances and take responsibility for them.  I would have muddled along in a financial fog if it hadn't been for you organising the workshops etc.  A big thank you for getting me involved."

"I really enjoyed the Insuring Women’s Futures lunch and learn, Jane spoke passionately about many topics that I had not even considered before. It has definitely made me think more about the future and what we can do now, especially after hearing some of the shocking facts and figures."

"I found the lunch and learn very interesting. Lots of statistics to take in – definitely need to have a reread through the slides. It made me max out my pension contributions!"

"Really enjoyed the presentation on Monday – the content and figures were definitely an eye opener to the risks facing not just women but society as a whole…….the presentation was incredibly valuable and has really instilled the need to be aware and protect ourselves/each other from the Perils & Pitfalls we are likely to encounter at some point in our lives!"

"Jane is excellent at identifying challenging societal issues and providing solutions. Her work on financial inclusion has been groundbreaking."

"My colleagues and I attended the Insuring Women’s Futures event in London on the 6th  March.  We left the event feeling inspired and with a determination to make a real difference for women through our individual product areas.  We have set up a working group which includes stakeholders from Corporate Pensions Distribution, Protection, Proposition and Groups Brands and Marketing. "

"Jane delivered an incredible, insightful, and thought-provoking talk on '6 Moments That Matter – How to Live a Secure and Fair Financial Life', as part of our Festival of Wellbeing. Jane is an expert in her field and her experience and knowledge mean that her talk covered many aspects on equality and financial wellbeing that our audience had not previously considered. Everyone left the talk with possible actions to take to improve their financial awareness and an enhanced understanding of the broader impact on our society. Feedback from our attendees about the talk said “It was very insightful. It helped me have a feeling of control over what actions to take and I have shared insights with others” and “I found it really thought-provoking and useful. I would encourage anyone to attend a session if further sessions were arranged for the future.” I would highly recommend Jane and look forward to working with her again in the future."

"You did the most fantastic session on pensions for my team. I remember afterwards people saying it was the most valuable hour of their life!!"