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Jane Portas OBE

Jane Portas is a financial expert, educator, edtech entrepreneur and a former “big 4” financial and professional services Partner. She is the author of The Risks in Life Series of award-winning insight reports and financial wellbeing guides, and the creator of 6 Moments That Matter, a life-stage approach to help people to secure their financial wellbeing and organisations to improve fair financial futures.

Jane is the founder of THINKMONEY THINKLIFE, an online financial life learning platform that aims to make it simpler for people to make decisions about money and life to secure their financial future. She holds a number of board and committee roles, is a regular public speaker, supports third sector bodies, and works with a breadth of organisations on matters to do with financial lives and improving financial fairness in business and society.

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"You did the most fantastic session on pensions for my team. I remember afterwards people saying it was the most valuable hour of their life!!"

Full biography

Professional & Financial Services

Jane Portas is a creative who gained a science degree and then trained as a Chartered Accountant, subsequently holding various financial services advisory and consulting roles, and serving as a Partner in two of the “big 4” accountancy and professional services firms.

She has over 30 years' business, risk and regulatory advisory experience working with UK and international financial services clients. This involved her leading projects relating to strategic group restructuring and cross-border business and capital optimisation, solvency and financial stability, customer outcomes and financial wellbeing. During this time, she has held policy and supervision roles at the UK regulator, advised a leading international regulator on achieving Solvency II equivalence, and has provided expert evidence to the UK Treasury Committee on the implications of Brexit for the insurance sector, its customers and the regulatory framework.

Financial Fairness & Inclusion

In 2015 Jane co-founded Insuring Women’s Futures, a voluntary, market-wide, professional, public trust programme, hosted by the Chartered Insurance Institute to improve women’s and society’s financial resilience. It ran until 2021 following the handover of its manifesto recommendations and the publication of its impact report.

She is the author of The Risks in Life Series, a body of work using professional risk management techniques to analyse people’s Financial Life Journeys and put forward solutions to address financial and fairness gaps arising through the life course. Her recommendations within the Insuring Women’s Futures public manifesto have been progressed by financial firms, industry and professional bodies, the Money and Pensions Service as part of its national strategy for financial wellbeing, the Financial Conduct Authority and the third sector.

6 Moments That Matter

Jane's Risks in Life research led her to create 6 Moments That Matter, six life stages that empower everyone to secure their financial future. Subsequently, she developed an associated PEOPLE Framework, to inform strategies, policies and practices that employers, businesses, financial services, regulators and policymakers may adopt to contribute to fairer financial futures.

Her work includes numerous materials providing research and practical suggestions for organisations, including specific financial life risks, generational and intersectional differences, and financial wellbeing guides for people.

FinEdTech Founder & Portfolio Career

Having experienced first-hand through her engagement with multiple and diverse audiences, the positive impact 6 Moments That Matter has on engaging people and helping them to better understand and navigate money and life, Jane founded THINKMONEY THINKLIFE, an online financial life learning platform.

Her first financial lives report identifying 6 Moments That Matter - Securing the financial future of the next generation - highlighted the profound impact of a lack of financial wellbeing on young people. The public manifesto - Living a financially resilient life in the UK - put forward the imperative for a formal financial education for young people, to begin to address the root cause of the national financial vulnerability gap. THINKMONEY THINKLIFE provides professional financial education to help young people and everyone to secure financial wellbeing for the life they want to lead.

Recent Work

Recent focus areas include young financial futures, pensions and divorce in later life, women's pensions wellbeing and the menopause, the impact of economic abuse on financial security, Black people’s Financial Life Journeys, and how trends in Risks in Life parallel with climate change. Her extensive work on economic abuse and the role financial firms and employers can play in preventing economic abuse and supporting survivors is supported by the Domestic Abuse Commissioner, UK Finance, the Association of British Insurers, and the Financial Conduct Authority.

Positions & Awards

Jane is a member of Women’s Business Council, an adviser to Surviving Economic Abuse, and a former trustee of the Centre for Ageing Better. Her work to improve financial futures has been widely recognised and has received a series of industry and corporate social responsibility awards. She is an Honorary Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute. In 2023, Jane was awarded the Order of the British Empire in King Charles III's first New Years Honours, for services to business and to equality, for her work with financial industries and on gender equality.


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