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Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise stated, all content on the 6 Moments That Matter website is the intellectual property of Jane Portas and (by license) 6 Moments That Matter Limited, and is protected by Copyright law.

6 Moments That Matter and associated content is protected by a series of Registered Trade and Design Marks both in the UK and overseas.

6 Moments That Matter and all materials and Intellectual Property contained within them may not be used on a non-personal basis without the owner's written consent. All rights are reserved. Copyright and Terms of Use are strictly enforced.

Intellectual Property & Copyrighted Material

Intellectual Property includes but is not limited to all concepts, frameworks, methodologies, designs, reports, presentations, rights in data analysis and databases, rights in inventions, copyright and related rights, trademarks, logos, trade names and domain names, rights in confidential information (including know-how and/or models and trade secrets) and any other intellectual property rights, in each case whether registered or unregistered.

Copyrighted Material means any materials containing the Intellectual Property. For example, without limitation, research, reports, presentations, guides, fact sheets, brochures and other documents as well as figures, tables, illustrations, designs and imagery, PowerPoints, drawings and artwork, logos, trademarks, extensive quotations/excerpts, videos, recorded presentations, software, brochures, designs, documents, models, drawings, reports and presentations.

Use of Intellectual Property & Copyrighted Material

The content of this website is intended for personal use only. Anyone who would like to use the materials and contents for any other purpose, or is interested in a form of license, should please contact via the Contact information.

Written consent is required for any non-personal and business use and/or for any reproduction of all or any part of this website content and of the 6 Moments That Matter framework for considering Risks in Life and Financial Life Journeys to secure fair financial futures, including all intellectual property included on this website and in published materials (including the PEOPLE Framework).

For the avoidance of doubt, use and reproduction includes web hosting and any other form of distribution of 6 Moments That Matter materials. It also includes copying of databases carefully compiled for the Risks in Life analysis and of the frameworks and designs that have been developed as part of 6 Moments That Matter.

Users are kindly requested to complete the download consent to access materials which are intended for personal use only. Users wishing to share content are asked to do so by sharing the website domain and materials download link. This helps to understand reach and impact.

Sometimes 6 Moments That Matter produces and publishes materials collaboratively with third parties. Please check the detailed copyright notices contained within individual materials. In all cases the intellectual property relating to the 6 Moments That Matter framework rests with the owner.

Consent Requests

If you have a request for non-personal or business use or reproduction please click here for Contact information.

At all times full acknowledgement and credit shall be given to the owner.